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I love this drawing it reminds me of a scene in Casper a spirited beginning, I love the fact that there are two ghosts scaring one woma...


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It was a beautiful sunny day as Cindy, Sarah, Chrissy,and, Holly were getting ready for the annual underwear run in their town.

Cindy was the serious one of the group of her friends with her long flowing blonde hair that went down to her shoulders that was tied in a ponytail on her body she was wearing a tiny pink bra that covered her big breasts and made it look like they were going to pop out at any second She also wore tight pink panties over her bubble butt and made it look like she was wearing a thong as her panties were very close to riding up her butt she also wore pink running shoes.

Sarah was the logical one of the group with her gelled short brown hair she was wearing a red and pink bra that was a few sizes to small for her big breasts as it only covered her nipples she also wore grey panties that covered her big butt and also showed off her butt cheeks and black running shoes.

Chrissy was the funny one of the group with her long flowing black hair that touched her shoulders she was wearing a leopard print bra that covered her big breasts and made them bounced with every move she made she also wore matching leopard print thong that showed off her big round butt cheeks and leopard print running shoes.

Holly was the kinky one of the group she had long black hair tied in a ponytail she was wearing a white bra that covered her big breasts as well as showed them off as the bra was see through she also wore white see through panties over her bubble butt as well as showed over both of her butt cheeks and white running shoes.

The women were practicing their stretches as they were getting ready for the run, "This is going to be so much fun." Cindy said, "I love how these panties make my butt look." Sarah said, as she bent over causing the fabric of her panties to stretch against her big butt "I like how you look in them to." Holly said, with a smile as she pinched Sarah's butt cheeks with both hands causing Sarah to let out a little moan. Sarah turned around and playfully slapped Holly's butt "Oh!" Holly said, playfully. "This bra is so comfy." Chrissy said, as she squeezed her breasts together "Love the animal print undies Chrissy." Sarah said, "Thanks they make me feel wild." Chrissy said, "Ok girls the run starts in 10 minutes." The announcer told them.

Unknown to them Stinky,Stretch,and Fatso if the ghostly trio were watching them and decided to fly down and scare them "I love the annual undie run." Stretch said,as he looked at all the women around him "Look at all those bouncy booties." Fatso said, as he watched the women slap each others butts "Let's clear out the place." Stinky said,as he got his bad breath ready for the upcoming scare.

The trio turned invisible and floated over to them. Fatso flew over to Cindy who was focused on the timer for the run Fatso appeared right in front of her took his head off of his body made his eyes roll around then bulge out then he stuck out his tongue and shouted, "HEADS UP BUBBLE BUTT!" causing Cindy to scream at the top of her lungs "AAAAAHHHH! A GHOST!" Fatso turned invisible causing the other women to look over to her in confusion "Cindy what are you screaming about?" Brittany asked, her "I just saw a ghost!" Cindy screamed, "There's no such thing as ghosts Cindy." Sarah said, then Stinky,Stretch,and Fatso appeared in front of all the women "OH YEAH SAYS WHO!" Stretch shouted, causing the women to look in shock and awe as the ghosts floated in front of them.

"GET EM BOYS!" Stretch shouted, as they flew toward them causing the women to run around in different directions "WHAT'S HAPPENING!" Sarah screamed, as she looked around in confusion "I DON'T KNOW!" Chrissy screamed, "RUN FOR YOU'RE LIVES!" Cindy screamed,the ghostly trio flew around and watched as the women began to panic and run around in fear.

"Alright boys let's give these fleshies a real undie run!" Stretch said, as they flew down toward the women and began to scare them. Holly was running around trying to find a place to hide, Stretch flew over to her "Hey before ya run off sweetcheeks ya better check under there!" Stretch said, Holly looked around in confusion and asked, "Look under where?" "EXACTLY! A MEGA WEDGIE!" Stretch shouted, he grabbed her white panties stretched them out pulled them up and placed them on her head "Well you don't need to buy a thong now!" Stretch shouted, as he watched Holly run away trying to pull her panties out from between her butt cheeks "OW! MY ASS!!" Holly screamed, as she ran away her big breasts and butt jiggling and wiggling with every step.

Fatso flew over to Chrissy shouted, "TITTY TWISTER!" grabbed her breasts and twisted her nipples Chrissy let out a squeal of pain and ran away in fear."WANNA GET WILD?" Fatso asked, as he flew after Chrissy, "NO GET AWAY FROM ME!" Chrissy screamed, as she ran away.

Fatso sees Cindy running away smiles and flies over to her "Hey! Sweetcheeks it's time to shake things up!" Fatso said, as he flew into Cindy's mouth and took control of her body. "What's happening!" Cindy screamed, as Fatso started to expand Cindy's body so he could fit inside first he made her boobs expand so much that her pink bra flew off causing her big boobs to bounce out and jiggle around then he expanded her stomach which bounced up and down as it expanded and finally he expanded her butt making it so big that it caused her pink panties to go right up her butt crack giving her the biggest wedgie she'd ever had. Fatso made Cindy shake her body causing it to jiggle and wiggle with each movement Cindy screamed, in terror as she had lost all control of her body and was moving like a puppet.

"When will this end!" Cindy screamed, then Fatso flew out of Cindy's mouth which caused her body to return to normal  her stomach, boobs,and butt are shrunk back to their normal size leaving Cindy standing in the middle of the park in shock at what had just happened Cindy looked down and saw that her pink bra was on the ground and that her pink panties were two times bigger then before and that they fell down to the ground and were around her ankles Cindy screamed, in horror as she realized she was completely naked, She ran away screaming her big boobs and butt bouncing with every step.

Sarah was running away when Stinky flew over top of her "Hey don't go yet I haven't given you my goodbye gift yet!" Stinky said, as he flew over top of her Sarah looked up in fear as she didn't know what was going to happen then all of a sudden Stinky sneezed and giant gobs of green snot and boogers fell on top of her covering her hair boobs and chest in green snot and boogers the snot dripped down over her face and between her boobs Sarah screamed, "EEEEEWWWW!"  as she tried to wipe the snot away from her face only to slip and fall to the ground she sat right on a booger in a big puddle of snot Sarah gagged at the feeling of being covered in snot."Sorry didn't know I'd snot you'd like it." Stinky said, as he flew away Sarah crawled away in fear as snot dripped off every inch of her body and boogers stuck to her boobs and butt.

Chrissy running in fear when Stinky flew over to her Cindy stopped running and froze in fear then Stinky asked, "Does my breath smell?" Chrissy gave a confused look then he blew a cloud of foul smelling green breath at her causing her to cough and gag from the smell "I think i'm gonna be sick!" Chrissy screamed, as she covered her mouth and held her stomach. The smell of the breath was so strong that it caused her leopard print underwear to dissolve leaving her completely nude Chrissy screamed, at the top of her lungs "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I'M NAKED!!!!!!" and ran away her big boobs and butt bounced with every step.

Cindy,Chrissy,Sarah,and Holly met up with each other Holly still picking her wedgie screamed as the ghosts closed in on them "What do we do?" Sarah asked, "I don't know!" Cindy screamed, "Hold me." Chrissy said, as she and Holly held onto each other the looked in horror as the ghosts transformed into a giant monster with five red eyes, five arms, five legs, and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth the monster leaned in toward the four women as they stared in horror at what they were seeing then the monster shouted, "BOO!" causing Sarah,and Holly to jump out of their underwear as well as Chrissy and Cindy to jump into the air. The hair on their heads stood on end and they screamed, at the top of their lungs "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! G-G-G-G-G-G-G-GHOSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and ran out of the park naked.

The ghostly trio laughed at their latest scare "Man those fleshies sure can run." Stretch said, "Yeah you'd think they'd never seen a ghost before." Stinky said, "They're really gonna need a change of underwear after seeing us." Fatso said, as he held up Sarah's snot covered panties.

The ghostly trio were about to leave when all of a sudden Becky,Evelyn,Bonnie, and the newest member of the team Lexi showed up (I'll describe them in the sequel so sue me) "Lookie what we have here boys." Stretch said, "Yeah more fleshies to scare." Stinky said, "How'd you know it was my birthday fellas." Fatso said, "Alright Lexi are you ready?" Evelyn asked, "I sure am Evelyn!" Lexi told, her "Bonnie,Becky get ready!" Evelyn told, them, they both nodded in agreement and got ready to fight "Let's get'em boys!" Stretch shouted, as the trio flew toward them and the women charged right at them.

The Ghostly Trio Scaring Women at an Underwear Run
Name: Lexi

Hair: Long, light brown.

Clothes: t shirt & jeans

Body type: Hourglass curves.

Personality: Smart, funny, sexy.

Height: 5'4

Music: 80's/90's. And QUEEN.

TV: Thrones, Walking Dead, S.H.I.E.L.D, and so on...

Movies: Too many to list.

Eyes: green

Shoes: Any! Not overly fussy about shoes.

Best friend: Evelyn.

Pet peeves: Naughty ghosts

Best feature: My great big

Worst feature: My height!

Quote: "Err..why don't you go in first, Bonnie?"
Character Created By :iconrammsteinfan1994: (Me) Based On :iconlezlidax:
Name: Evelyn

Hairstyle: Short black hair with blonde highlights

Clothes: A Green shirt and Blue pants

Body Type: Curvy

Attitude/Personality: Intellectual And Funny

Height: 6'1

Weight: N/A

Favourite Music: Classic Rock And Metal

Favourite Movies:Action

Eye Color: Green

Shoes: Black Shoes

Nail Color: None

Best Friend: Becky

Pet Peeves: Being Stripped By A Ghost

Favourite Weapon: Iron Gloves

Best Part Of Your Job: Making New Weapons

Worst Part Of Your Job: Having To Deal With Bonnie

Best Feature: My Big Butt

Worst Feature: My Boobs

""Alright well I'd love to stay and finish these questions but I have a job to do." Evelyn
Character Created By :iconrammsteinfan1994: (Me)


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